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Health Screenings Specialist

Eze Health Center

Medical Weight Loss & Primary Care Practice located in Waldorf, MD

Many health conditions don’t cause symptoms in their early stages, and health screenings are the most effective way to diagnose and treat these conditions before they cause serious issues. Chinyere Eze and her team of health care professionals at Eze Health Center in Waldorf, Maryland, offer health screenings to check for signs of illness so you can start treatment promptly. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Health Screenings Q & A

What are health screenings?

Health screenings are tests that check for signs of disease before you start to develop symptoms. Ms. Eze and the team at Eze Health Center use health screenings to monitor your well-being and identify aspects of your health that need attention and care.

Why are health screenings important?

Health screenings can reveal the early signs of illness or dysfunction so that you can begin treatment as quickly as possible. Many conditions don’t cause symptoms in their early stages, when lifestyle changes may be enough to restore your body to health.

Without health screenings, you may live with a condition that is getting increasingly worse, which can eventually lead to debilitative illness that requires invasive treatments.

What happens if my health screening reveals a problem?

If your health screenings reveal a problem or an increased risk of developing a serious condition, Ms. Eze and her team get to work on a comprehensive and customized plan to help you improve your health and reduce your risk of illness. They offer a holistic approach to wellness with a treatment plan that encompasses all aspects of your well-being.

Diet and nutrition

Your diet has a huge effect on your health and well-being. Ms. Eze offers comprehensive consultations and lab work to identify your specific needs. She works with you to create a diet plan that takes into account your health, lifestyle, and personal tastes. Dietary changes need to be sustainable in order to be effective.


Getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least four days a week can significantly improve your health. Ms. Eze and her team determine how much exercise you need and help you find an activity you enjoy.


Stress causes problems to both your physical and your mental well-being. Stress increases your cortisol production, which causes weight gain, interrupts your sleep, and often leads to destructive behaviors.

You can learn stress-reducing techniques, like yoga and meditation, which can improve your overall well-being and reduce your risk of issues like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Vitamins and supplements

Often, a nutritional deficiency is at the root of a health issue. Ms. Eze offers detailed lab work to identify any unmet nutritional needs or vitamin deficiencies. She and her team can recommend customized vitamins and supplements to ensure your body has everything you need to feel your best.

For a comprehensive health screening and a customized treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your health, call to book an appointment today.