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Body Composition Analysis Specialist

Eze Health Center

Medical Weight Loss & Primary Care Practice located in Waldorf, MD

If you’ve struggled with your weight, trying diet after diet, it may be time for a more comprehensive approach to weight loss. The medical weight loss professionals at Eze Family Health Center in Waldorf, Maryland use 21st-century technology to complete a body composition analysis that examines the amount of lean body mass, the amount of fat, and the levels of water you’re holding both in and outside of your cells throughout your body. This information helps guide your weight loss plan. Call the office to book an appointment to receive your body composition analysis. 

Body Composition Analysis Q & A

What is body composition analysis?

A body composition analysis is a test that helps you understand what your body is made of and how much of each component you have inside. The analysis gives you a lot of important information, and knowledge is power! It can help you understand why you weigh what you do.

The Eze Family Health Center body composition analysis provides very comprehensive data:  how much water is inside and outside of your cells; how much fat, or stored energy, you have; and the level of protein in your muscles.

How is body composition analysis done?

There are various ways to assess your body composition. Some are quick, and simply provide a level of fat versus nonfat. You may have seen gym trainers use calipers to pinch clients’ body fat in different areas and measure it. Some tests are lengthy, expensive, and inconvenient, requiring a technician to run the test — for example, immersing yourself in water.

The Eze Family Health Center uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), technology that works by placing electrodes in contact with your body. The test measures the amount of resistance (impedance) an electrical current encounters when it moves through the water in your body. That measurement provides the information for the analysis.

What is the benefit of body composition analysis using electrodes?

Eze Family Health Center uses InBody 570, the most up-to-date device that measures your entire body. It has many benefits:

More information

InBody 570 provides more fine-grained information than other body composition analysis methods. For example, it identifies how much lean mass and fat is present in each part of your body, and provides muscle, fat, and water values, which lets you know how well dieting and exercise are working. You receive a full-page printout.


InBody 570 is fast. It measures fat, muscles, and water levels in 45 seconds.


You don’t have to immerse yourself in water or get pinched with calipers to obtain your body composition analysis. InBody 570 is 21st-century technology. You have the option to download the InBody iPhone/Android App to have your results automatically sent to your phone.

Call the Eze Family Health Center today to book an appointment for your comprehensive body composition analysis to start taking charge of your body and your health.