Weight Loss & Body Image

Being "healthy" doesn't mean you have to be a Size 4 nor does it mean achieving a muscular physique. Having a "healthy weight" is multi-dimensional and varies among individuals of different body types and body compositions.

Body Image Impact on Health

Body image is defined as how you feel and think about your body. Your personal body image encompasses your thoughts, perceptions and emotions toward your body. People of all shapes and sizes can have a negative body image and it is important to remember that weight is not a determining factor of a person’s body image. Your body image also doesn’t always reflect what you see in the mirror, what you see on the scale, or even what other people see.

Poor body image or dissatisfaction is often the result of comparing yourself with what society and the media convey is an “ideal” body size or shape. Poor body image can often lead to dieting, over-exercising, eating disorders, or other mental health issues. 

Having a healthy body image means that you embrace your body and feel good about the way that you look. This includes the way that you judge yourself.

BMI vs Body Composition

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a common method used to assess the health of an individual by measuring of body fat based on height and weight. Although BMI is commonly used it has it's limitations because there's no way to identify if the changes in weight are from fat or muscle. 

In contrast, body composition analysis allows for a further break down in describing what the body is made of. At Eze Health Center we provide a complete body composition analysis that examines the amount of lean body mass, the amount of fat, and the levels of water you’re holding both in and outside of your cells throughout your body.

While it is common to believe that having as little fat as possible, it's simply not true. A healthy balance of fat and muscle are vital components to long term health. Getting a complete body composition gives you a lot of important information, and knowledge is power! This knowledge is important to determine how to reduce or prevent the risk of developing these diseases. 

Body Image and Weight Loss

Making the choice to lose weight does not necessarily mean that you have a negative body image. The important factor in having a positive body image while losing weight is to not get caught up in the idea of looking a certain way but rather focusing on the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle.

For example, you can make the personal choice to join a zumba class for your enjoyment or for improved mental health. The important factor is that you are choosing to do so for improving your overall health rather that seeking to attain a certain look. Remember that choosing good health and taking care of yourself is a kind and positive thing to do for your body.


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