Transformation 2020: Social Connections

It is a very challenging time for maintaining our social connections while also adhering to CDC guidelines. Even during a pandemic, it is important for us to continue to engage in social activity to decrease the feelings of social isolation and anxiety. Not only does social support help us to endure this time of uncertainty, but it is also a major benefit for mental health! 

  1. Try some of these tips for engaging in social activities while maintaining CDC guidelines.
  2. Utilize electronics to stay in contact with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. There are various programs and applications that are created for interacting while maintaining a safe distance. Zoom, Google Hangouts, and even Facebook offer video conferencing programs to schedule face-to-face calls.

  3. Start or join a virtual book, film, or music club. Connect with friends and meet new people through a virtual group for shared interests. Share your experiences and information through a Facebook Group and Zoom Calls.

  4. Try the Houseparty app and have a virtual party! This app allows you to interact with friends, family, and loved ones with games, chat, and video features.

  5. Try an online exercise program! While some gyms are remaining closed and others limiting the number of occupants in the facility at a time, this is the perfect time for staying fit with online programs. Whether you like yoga, dance cardio, or pilates, you and your workout partner can still arrange to log-in together and do your workout!

  6. Write in a journal about your experience throughout the pandemic. Not only will this be a benefit for sorting through your thoughts and feelings, but it can also be an opportunity share for future generations looking to connect with the past.



  1. You are doing your part in protecting others by keeping a distance.
  2. We do not live in isolation. “Our interconnectedness and choices affect others in our community, which affects people in neighboring communities, regions, and so on.” 
  3. By acting together during the pandemic by maintaining a safe distance, we are connecting and bonding. We may be in different boats, but we are experiencing the same storm.


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