Transformation 2020: Lose Weight, Gain Health

Losing weight to achieve a healthier lifestyle is certainly a commitment and it’s natural to want to lose weight quickly to reach your goals. Did you know that even modest weight loss can have significant benefits for your health? Studies have shown that losing just 5-10% of your total body weight is likely to produce some significant health benefits. Check out some ways to gain better health through weight loss!

Lower Risk for Diabetes

If you’re pre-diabetic, losing just 5-10 percent of your body weight will lower your risk of developing diabetes by 58%. Even as a diabetic, losing weight and exercising can improve your blood sugar numbers.


Lower Blood Pressure & Improve Heart Health

With extra weight, your body has to work harder to pump blood. According to the American Heart Association, losing as little as five to ten pounds may help to improve your blood pressure. By lowering blood pressure you can also improve your overall heart health. This study showed that a 5% weight loss improves metabolic functions in multiple organ systems and decreases other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


Relieve Joint Pressure

Additional weights on your joints can increase your risk for osteoarthritis, or wear and tear on your joints. Each pound of weight you lose can achieve a “four-pound reduction in the load you exert on each knee every time you take a step.” This means losing up to 10 pounds of body weight, you can reduce stress on your knees by 40 pounds! 


Reduce Sleep Apnea + Improve Sleep

Sleep apnea, a condition where you stop breathing during your sleep, is linked to being overweight. According to a Harvard study, losing just 10 percent of your body weight can drastically reduce sleep apnea symptoms -- and in some cases, cure the condition. 


Increased Energy 

Energy boosts are often one of the first things people notice in weight loss. By achieving even just moderate weight loss, you will be able to use less energy to get through your day. Because your body isn't working as hard, you’ll have more energy and possibly feel motivated to continue making healthy choices.


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