Transformation 2020: Keeping Your Family Safe

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As children begin the school year (virtually) and many are gradually re-entering the workplace, we must remember we are still in a pandemic and precautions must still be taken.

Model and encourage preventative actions for your family.

According to CDC guidelines, practicing good hygiene through handwashing, social distancing, and wearing a mask in public shared spaces are the best preventative practices for avoiding COVID-19

While children are resilient and capable of adapting to the “new normal”, there are ways to help implement preventative actions in your family’s daily routines.

Children tend to model those around them, if you are continuously practicing preventative methods, they’re more likely to do the same.

Stay Socially Connected.

Kids are used to being around their peers during the year and because it may be a little different this year, it is important to foster social interaction through other activities.

Encourage and maintain healthy habits.

Be mindful of signs of stress and behavioral changes.

While we are all weathering this storm together, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone, especially children and teens, responds to stress equally. According to the CDC here are some behaviors to watch for:

Parents can find additional resources for supporting your children’s emotional and mental well-being on the CDC’s Helping Children Cope Page.

When talking with children and teens about the outbreak it is best to do the following:


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