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The Aesthetics Health Guide

What is Aesthetic Health

Aesthetic health or aesthetic medicine is a practice that is focused on improving and maintaining the cosmetic appearance of the body. Aesthetic procedures like SculpSure Body Contouring and TempSure Envi Skin Rejuvenation offered at Eze Health Center, utilize advanced technology aimed at improving patients’ appearance and vitality that is lost during normal aging, hormonal changes, weight loss or gain, and even childbirth.

While procedures like SculpSure and TempSure are beneficial to enhance your appearance, the truth is there is no amount of cosmetic procedures or products that can replace a healthy lifestyle. But the good news is you can use these 5 simple but essential healthy habits below in combination with our cosmetic treatments and procedures to have the best glow!

Rejuvenating Yourself With Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Sleep: There is quite a bit of research on the health benefits of getting enough sleep each night. Just one night of poor sleep can cause hanging eyelids, darker under-eye circles, more wrinkles, and fine lines, and more. Sleep is an important time for the body to repair itself, especially for your skin. During this time your skin has time to repair damaged skin cells and improve moisture levels in the skin, giving the appearance of a “glow”.

Try this challenge: Create a nighttime ritual with an aim to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Avoid doing work in bed and turn electronics off an hour before bed. If you have trouble sleeping, try natural supplements like melatonin for a restful sleep.

Water: Drinking water is one of the healthiest habits to have for your skin and body. When you get the recommended amount of water daily, you are providing your inner organs and skin with moisture that is naturally lost throughout the day. Water also helps to “detoxify” your skin by facilitating the process of repairing skin damage.

Try this challenge: Try the “8 for 8” challenge. Drink 8 oz. of water for every hour of the workday.

Healthy Diet: In general, nutrients that are beneficial for your body are beneficial for your skin.  Eating fruits and veggies that are high in antioxidants slows the aging process. Reducing sugar not only helps to reduce weight but also cuts down the toxic effects on the body. 

Try this challenge: For 6 weeks try the “Sugarless Challenge”. Each week track how you look and feel to show your progression. Need some help? Check out the Sugarless Living Program by Delayna Watkins.

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