Right Now Resolution: Setting Your Health Goals

It's been a year since our 2020 Transformation launch to help our patients and clients work on transforming their health within all aspects of life.

We remain committed to helping you achieve WELLNESS FOR LIFE!

This month, we are launching our Right Now Resolution Series for 2021.

Each month, we will focus on 3 HEALTHY HABITS to develop to get you closer to your health goals.

Why wait until the new year to get started . . . do it NOW!


October "Right Now Resolution" Challenge:

  1. Review and complete the "Wheel of Life" Worksheet.

  2. Write down one major goal you want to achieve in each aspect of the "Wheel of Life"

  3. Set a date for when you want to achieve each goal.




Chinyere N. Eze, MS, PA-C Chinyere Muforo-Eze is primary medical practitioner and owner of Eze Health Center. As a licensed practitioner in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Florida, she has extensive experience in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care and Family Medicine.

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