Healthy Aging Month: 5 Tips to Promote Healthy Aging

September is recognized as Healthy Aging Month to highlight the positive aspects of growing older, particularly among adults ages 45-plus. This month encourages taking charge of your well-being with well-rounded measures that promote health psychologically, socially, and physically.

Your health and well-being are essential no matter your age, but as we get older, our well-being becomes significantly more important to lead long healthy lives. Therefore, it’s important now more than ever to develop healthy habits.

Many people believe that their genetic predispositions make certain physical ailments inevitable but, many physical maladies can be combated with preventable measures. Keep reading for five tips on how you can take charge of your well-being and promote optimal health as you get older.

Get Regular Check-Ups and Yearly Physicals »

While you may not need to visit your health practitioner’s office for every ailment, it’s important to know your body well enough to detect if there’s something out of the ordinary.

Staying on top of your health includes staying on top of your yearly physicals and regular check-ups. Many diseases can be caught early with diligence in your health. You can book your yearly physical with Eze Health Center but you should also see your dentist at least every 6 months and your eye doctor once per year.

Stay Social and Try New Hobbies »

Getting connected with old or new friends is beneficial to your health. Researchers have found that people who are lonely had higher levels of the stress hormone that causes inflammation linked to arthritis and diabetes. When your feeling lonely or bored, invite over family and friends for some quality time or fulfill your need to socialize by joining a class or volunteering in the community.

Keep Your Mind Active »

When you think about your health, you can’t forget your brain! Keep your mind active and challenged by reading, playing chess, or trying puzzles like sudoku and crossword puzzles. Activities that keep your mind engaged can help ward off brain chemistry changes that lead to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Maintain a Healthy and Well-Balanced Diet »

Get Moving »

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