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Getting Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

When it comes to not getting enough exercise, one of our most common responses is that we just don’t have the time. But the truth is that adding exercise to our daily life doesn’t have to require that much time. Exercise also doesn’t have to feel like a long and daunting task. In fact, any activity will work as long as you’re able to get your heart rate up.

Research has shown that even short bouts of exercise can be just as effective for improving your health and losing weight. Additionally, you can receive the same health benefits, in short bouts of exercise as you can with longer exercise, such as lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease. 

Check out some of the tips curated below for how to get your exercise in when you don’t have the time.

» Start small: Committing to getting exercise doesn’t have to take hours out of your day. 

» Put exercise into your daily routine: Running errands and house chores are a great time to fit in some exercise. If you know you have some high-energy tasks you have to tackle, use that as an opportunity to get your heart pumping.

» Use your idle time during the day: Most meals will take about 15-30 minutes to make if not more. When you’re waiting for the pot to boil or when your meal is in the oven, use this time to get some activity while you wait. Another time to fit in some exercise is during commercial breaks. 

» Take the stairs: You’ve probably heard the benefits of taking the stairs instead of elevators but it’s true! 

» Wake up just a little bit earlier: We know this tip might be a hard sell but using the time you would ordinarily spend sleeping allows you to get active without pulling away from other important tasks during the day. Try getting up just 20-30 minutes earlier and use this time to fit in some light cardio or stretching.


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