Transformation 2020: The Healthy Habits Challenge


For the first month of the New Year, we are focusing on developing practical health goals by shifting your mindset to achieve them. Make your health resolutions with the idea of new healthy habits for long-term results. A better approach to making real change in your health is to not just stop bad habits but also replace them with good habits.

2020 Transformation: The Healthy Habits Challenge
  1. Plan. Identify unhealthy patterns and triggers. Set realistic goals. Write down steps to help you achieve them.
  2. Change your surroundings. Find ways to make healthier choices easy choices. Remove temptations and replace with things that encourage a healthier option.
  3. Ask for support. Find friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or groups for support or ask people to join you.
  4. Fill your time with healthy activities. Try exercise, a favorite hobby, or spending time with family and friends.
  5. Track your progress. Record how things are going to help you stay focused and catch slip-ups.
  6. Imagine the future. Think about future benefits of consistent healthy habits to help you stay on track.
  7. Reward yourself. Give yourself a healthy reward when you’ve achieved a small goal or milestone.
  8. Be patient. Improvement takes time, and setbacks happen. Focus on progress, not perfection.


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