Eze Health Center Now Offers TeleHealth Services

TeleHealth virtual consultation services offered by Eze Health Center are provided as an alternative way for established patients to correspond with the medical provider, via online correspondence, without requirement of an in-office visit. This is a HIPAA-compliant “office visit” for our patients.

How to Use TeleHealth Services with Eze Health Center (3 EASY STEPS!)

*Virtual consultations with TeleHealth are for established patients of Eze Health Center ONLY*


Schedule an appointment. Call our office at (240) 419-3865  to request to schedule a TeleHealth Virtual Consultation. Appointments will be scheduled only during standard business hours. 

Pay your co-pay or deductible. You must pay your standard co-pay or deductible at time of scheduled appointment by phone or emailed invoice. Emailed Invoices must be paid prior to the time of your scheduled consultation.


Start your virtual consultation. At the time of your scheduled appointment, visit our website and select “TELEHEALTH”. Select, “Enter Waiting Room” link at the bottom of the page and, you will be prompted to enter your full name. Once in the virtual waiting room, await the practitioner to enter the session and your virtual consultation will start immediately! (You must have a webcam with audio and an updated browser using Chrome or Firefox.)


View the Eze Health Center Service Agreement Here

See "Enter Waiting Room" link below.

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